School opening dates

All school classes will reopen over the next six weeks in three phases, but with smaller numbers of pupils, more teachers and other health-related measures so that children can resume education without the risk of a spike in Covid-19 infections.

The phased reopening, approved by Cabinet , will be done in three stages. The three examination classes Form 4 and Upper Sixth — open on September 28 in phase 1 as was announced several weeks ago.

Four weeks later, on October 26, next year’s examination classes –Form 3 and Lower Sixth or Form 5 — open in the second phase and a fortnight after that, on November 9, everyone else goes back to school — Forms 1 and 2.

In keeping with social distancing rules, classes must be smaller and so more teachers are being employed, classes might be split and steps taken to ensure no class will have more than 30 pupils in one classroom, a measure that will help teachers in the catch-up process.

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